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Hello and welcome to the obligatory first post. This blog is intended as a mostly technical personal space. I will be covering everyday struggles, strategies and solutions for managing your digital life, entertainment, personal devices and personal network. You will also find unrelated topics I find interesting from time to time. All technical bits should be easy and enjoyable to read.

As a preview or cliff hanger, I was able to de-windows and de-google my life a few years back and I would like to share that process as it was really tedious and filled with wrong turns, unnecessary steps and a lot of dread and confusion. I would like to share with you the solutions I came across, how I found them, if they work and if they need improvement. I would also like to share some personal network strategies if you happen to have more than one device in your household and would like to streamline sharing. At least these are the main subjects I want to cover initially.

The journey will span NAS solutions, Raspberry PIs, domain controllers, several Linux distributions, network autodiscovery and many other aspects I stumbled upon trying to create the simplest and most functional personal network. And this will be just the initial articles I have planned. Who knows where we will head from there.

If you like what you read and find it useful, stick around. I would like to keep this blog as interesting as possible. And of course, if you have any comment or question, keep in touch.